Why did this woman keep her dead mother’s mummified body at home?

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Why did this woman keep her dead mother's mummified body at home?

An Arkansas woman allegedly mummified her dead mother’s body in newspaper and continued using her credit cards, police say. 

According to authorities, George Maness reported his sister, Gloria Pike, missing back in July. He claimed he hadn’t seen her for nearly a year even though they lived on shared property. 

When police contacted Pike’s 54-year-old daughter, Geanee, she claimed that her mother was staying with a friend somewhere. Authorities eventually caught the woman “using her missing mother’s check card” and obtained a search warrant.

They entered the home Geanee and Gloria had been sharing to find “deplorable living conditions.” 

Authorities ultimately made the grim discovery that led to Geanee Pike’s arrest earlier this week. 

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