What do we know about the firefight that erupted at the Kabul airport?

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What do we know about the firefight that erupted at the Kabul airport?

One Afghan security guard was killed, and several more were hurt when a firefight erupted at the Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday, officials say. 

“[The violence] appeared to begin when an unknown hostile actor fired upon Afghan security forces,” said Navy Captain William Urban on behalf of U.S. Central Command. “The Afghans returned fire, and in keeping with their right of self-defense, so too did U.S. and coalition troops. The wounded are being treated at an airfield hospital and are reported to be in stable condition.”

He added: “Our condolences go out to the teammates and loved ones of the fallen Afghan soldier.” 

This incident comes as many Afghan staffers at the U.S. embassy begin to lose hope in the American government that they’ll be safely evacuated out of the country. A recent cable shows that staff members are feeling “deeply disheartened” after the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country. 

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