What are the top highlights in the market this morning?

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What are the top highlights in the market this morning?

Futures were muted this morning as investors await the Federal Reserve’s updated policy statement, out today at 2 p.m., followed by Chairman Jerome Powell’s commentary at 2:30 p.m. 

Big Tech companies are continuing to report better-than-expected earnings, meanwhile, with Apple falling during premarket trading. Shares of Microsoft and Alphabet, however, rose during the premarket. 

McDonald’s also boasted blow-out earnings today, though shares fell slightly this morning. 

Pfizer announced $7.8 billion in vaccine shot sales in the second quarter alone, though shares of the drug company dipped about 1% during the premarket. The vaccine sales forecast for 2021 was increased to $33.5 billion as officials weigh whether yet another jab will be necessary. 

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is determining whether or not federal workers would be required to either get the shot or endure regular virus screenings.

What else is going on in the market this morning? 

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