This UK man gets five years behind bars for a string of cat killings

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This UK man gets five years behind bars for a string of cat killings

A 54-year-old UK man was sentenced to more than five years behind bars today for fatally stabbing nine cats and injuring several more.

Steve Bouquet is a former security guard who began his spate of animal killings in Brighton in late 2018, authorities say. He apparently kept a photo of a dead cat on his phone, and a bloody knife with his DNA on it was recovered at his home. 

A security camera first revealed that Bouquet was the man behind the tragic killings. 

“None of us can comprehend what drove Bouquet to do this to family pets,” a prosecutor said. “This has been a tragic case for all the owners involved. Not only did Steve Bouquet inflict horrendous suffering to each of the animals he attacked, but he also caused real trauma to their owners, many of whom found their beloved pets injured and bleeding.”

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