How this couple was arrested after a pasta fight turned violent

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How this couple was arrested after a pasta fight turned violent

When police arrived at a Florida couple’s house around 1 a.m., they saw both Stephanie Lannas and her boyfriend, Adolfo Rivera, “covered in spaghetti.” 

Apparently, 45-year-old Lannas and 35-year-old Rivera got into an argument as they ate a pasta dinner, and the disagreement quickly became a physical altercation. 

According to police, the couple had drunkenly put one another’s face into a plate of spaghetti. Both of them were arrested for domestic battery.

This is not the first time the couple has been violent. According to documents, Lannas allegedly stabbed Rivera with a knife during an argument last year. She has also apparently gotten in trouble for narcotics possession, data shows. 

What else do we know about this food fight gone wrong?

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