How a “home intruder” is actually the lover of the homeowner’s wife

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Frank Reeves woke with a start last weekend as his wife said that someone was breaking into the house.

Reeves grabbed a weapon and ended up in a shootout with the suspect, a man he later learned had been romantically involved with his spouse, Tracy. Not only that, but Tracy had been doing drugs with this man, Michael Amacker, and she’d been allowing him to stay in the couple’s Alabama home. 

“I’ve still yet to figure out how somebody can be staying in your house and you not know it,” officials said. “It’s somewhat bizarre.”

Apparently, Tracy Reeves and Amacker had been on meth as the situation unfolded, and officials are investigating whether a murder-for-hire scheme may have been at play. 

“Another thing with meth,” the official said. “people that are on meth, not only do they have paranoia, they can’t keep their mouth shut. So if there was some kind of diabolical plan, it is very possible Amacker has told some other people.”

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