How a brave mom rescues her son from a kidnapping

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How a brave mom rescues her son from a kidnapping

Dolores Diaz and her three children were walking in Queens when a 24-year-old snatched her five-year-old son Jacob, authorities say. The man, James McGonagle, apparently hopped into his maroon sedan and started driving with the child.

Diaz and her other children chased the vehicle, trying to pull the passenger door open.

Finally, Diaz rescued her son by pulling him through the window. Onlookers apparently tried to stop the car, video shows. 

“It’s quick. I said, ‘Oh my God, my kids, please,'” Diaz said of the incident. “Because I’m screaming, the people [started] coming, and they [helped] me. One lady [came] and called the police.” 

McGonagle, who also later punched a police officer, was ultimately arrested, but his accomplice remains at large. 

“If they didn’t give my brother back I would have to punch them,” the boy’s brother said of the ordeal. 

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