Fowl play is suspected after this peacock is gunned down

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Fowl play is suspected after this peacock is gunned down

Fowl play is suspected in the death of a beloved, “communal” peacock that was found shot dead a little over a week ago.  According to officials, the bird may have been killed by a peacock assassin, hired via Craigslist. 

Mr. P, also known as Azul, had strutted around Azalea Heights in California, befriending the people who lived there. 

“Even the UPS guys would stop and take pictures,” one resident said. 

But on June 30, the peacock was found dead, with a single gunshot wound. 

“It’s really sad because he probably suffered for at least two or three hours before he died, possibly more,” another resident said. 

She claimed that a Craigslist ad searching for “a peacock assassin” had been posted just weeks before the violent slaying.

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