Florida man’s crime spree includes: shoes, two trucks, a four-wheeler, and a forklift

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Florida man's crime spree includes: shoes, two trucks, a four-wheeler, and a forklift

A Florida man is behind bars, with a hefty $88,000 bond, after going on a crime bender, officials say. 

According to authorities, the Ocala man stole two trucks, a car, a forklift, a four-wheeler, shoes, cigarettes, and a lighter. 

Charles Harrington apparently begins his stealing spree by taking a truck that eventually got stuck in the mud. Then, he took a car and the smokes from another Ocala residence. From there, he set his sights on a four-wheeler. 

Police say Harrington took the vehicle to a fernery property, where he asked to drink sprinkler water.

What happened next?

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